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The Aviator slot was first introduced in 2019 by Spribe companies. Thanks to the simple rules and the opportunity to earn good money, the game is becoming popular very quickly.

Aviator Game for gambling

Unlike most other slots, the Aviator does not have symbols, drums, rows or paylines. It has a unique topic that will determine the outcome of bets variously each time. The game is completely based on a random number generator, it has statistics with all wins registered from the first bets so players can monitor the honesty and the clarity of the gameplay.
The slot machine has a fairly good cash return of 97%. This indicates that in relation to the size of bet, the expected long-term return is 97% of this amount. With such an RTP, the Aviator easily competes with many popular online slot machines, the profitability of which is much lower.
Betting in the Aviator game for money is very profitable and you can learn it quickly. Some online casinos provide a demo version of it.

The essence of the game Aviator?

Aviator game for money 1win
Game Aviator for money 1win

Despite the fact that the Aviator game is very different from the usual slots. It's easy to learn how to play it. The slot has an uncomplicated design in the form of a night sky, through which a red plane moves behind the same red line. During the flight, which is a round, the trajectory of the line changes depending on whether the aircraft is gaining altitude or rapidly decreasing.
The round starts with a minimum coefficient of x1, as the pilot gains altitude, the coefficient increases rapidly. The player's task is to click on the redemption of the bet in time to "catch" a high coefficient. It should be kept in mind that the pilot can begin to descend at any time, with which the coefficient drops. If the player does not have time to redeem the bet before the plane climbs, the money will be lost.
The slot has several important features:

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the multiplier increases arbitrarily as the aircraft takes off, the option regulating the initial value of the coefficient is not provided, it always starts with x1

airplane game in 1 win


the amount of the win is determined by multiplying the bet amount by the coefficient

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the slot has an automatic withdrawal of funds, the option helps to reduce the risk of losing funds, but does not allow you to earn a lot

The algorithm of the Aviator Spribe game

The algorithm of the game Aviator spribe
The algorithm of the Aviator Spribe game

The Aviator Spribe game consists of rounds. Each one of them begins after pressing the "start" button. At this moment, the plane takes off, at the same time the coefficient grows. The multiplier can reach x 100 and then the player will receive a 100-fold increase in the bet. But the plane can quickly fly away or begin to decline at any stage (the coefficient also decreases). Then the impact well will either burn out, or the gain will not be high enough.

Aviator Spring gaming uses provably honest technology to assure you that all results in the game are unbiased. This cryptographic technology makes it impossible for any third-party software to interfere in the gameplay, thereby guaranteeing 100% fairness of payments. The Aviator game algorithm also uses a random number generator (RNG) to determine when the plane will crash.

How to play Aviator: main features?

Despite the simple gameplay, the absence of the usual reels, paylines, bonus rounds, Aviator is quite functional. The most popular features include:

Autostart – allows you to automatically adjust the number of games, you must first set the amount;

How to play Aviator
How to play Aviator

Auto cash out - automatic withdrawal of funds, provides not large, but regular winnings, it is possible to specify a multiplier at which the bet will be cashed out itself;

Aviator auto cashout
Aviator auto cashout

Live Bets - The panel displays everyone who plays Aviator, as well as their bet amounts and the multiplier at which they are cashed out;

Aviator spribe live bet
Aviator Spribe live bets

double bet - a player can make 2 bets at once, which provides a larger profit;

Aviator double bet
Aviator double bet

Game statistics – viewing the betting history is available in the "my bets" tab, where you can view Huge Wis, Biggest Wins and large winning odds.

Aviator game statistics
Aviator game statistics

How to check the honesty of an Aviator at 1Win?

One of the advantages and reasons for the popularity of the Aviator is the honesty of the game, which is easy to check. There are two ways to check it out, the first one is available on the menu:

⦁ log into the 1 win online casino and open the Aviator game;

⦁ press the menu button which is at the top right;

check the honesty of Aviator in 1win
check the honesty of Aviator in 1win

select "Provably Fair Settings", the window will display the data for checking the honesty of the game.

honesty of the game Aviator
honesty of the game Aviator

The second option allows you to check the maximum multipliers with which other players won bets. To do this, select the coefficient at the top. The screen will display the same information as in the "Probably Fair Settings" section.

Aviator game reviews
Aviator game reviews

Where to play Aviator

As in other games offered by Spribe, Aviator can be played at various well-known online casinos. Despite the fact that the frequency and size of winnings in the slot are randomly generated (RNG), the game is currently available exclusively in online casinos licensed by Curacao. The game offers bets using cryptocurrencies, and licenses such as MGA or GLPS aren’t in hurry to manage these payments. As a result, casinos with such licenses cannot offer Aviator.

How to make a deposit in Aviator 1win account?

The gameplay of the Aviator game reflects the wallet, but it is not active, it just shows the amount that can be used for betting. It's easy to top up your account:
⦁ tap the "balance" at the top, a window opens, click "account management";
⦁ select the main account and click "top up";
⦁ the available payment systems will open on the left, click on the appropriate option;
⦁ specify the value and click the "Top up" button
The system will transfer you to the website of the financial institution. You will have to verify the transaction in there.

replenish account in Aviator 1win
replenish your account in Aviator 1win

Demo version of the game Aviator

There are no free spins in The Aviator game. But the provider Spribe has developed a demo version. Since the slot is very popular, not all casinos give the opportunity to play Aviator for free. If an online casino offers a demo version, it is available to authorized players with zero balance.

Demo version of Aviator
Demo version Aviator


How long does the tour in the Aviator Spribe game last?
The duration of a round or round in the Aviator game is equal to the duration of an aircraft flight and averages 8-30 seconds. During this time, the player should not just have time to make a bet, but "catch" the highest coefficient.
What is the minimum bet in the Aviator game?
In one round of the Aviator game, you can bet a minimum of 10 cents or the equivalent in the account monetary unit.
What is the maximum bet?
The maximum possible bet is 100 USD. The rules provide for 2 bets at the same time, which allows you to significantly increase the winnings. The size of the second bet should be 2 times larger. You can use one of four quick bet options. They are set at $1, $2, $5 and $10. There is also a maximum winning limit for one bet is $10.
The lowest coefficient in the Aviator game?
The minimum coefficient is 1, but it will rarely fall out.
What is the highest coefficient in the Aviator?
The multiplier can reach x1 000 000. It changes in each round depending on the Provably Fair technology.

In-game chat Aviator

Not many online casino games offer people the opportunity to use chat. Aviator online is one of them, and it allows you to communicate with other players and check the dynamics of gains and defeats. Aviator in—game chat is a place where you can chat, make friends or watch the chat log. The latter shows the player who wins the most money in each round, the bets made, the odds and the winnings. If you want to talk to other players, a set of emoticons and the ability to send GIF files are available.

Aviator in-game chat
In-game chat Aviator

Registration in the game Aviator 1Win

It is not possible to register with Aviator. The game is provided by an online casino, in which you need to open an account. The registration procedure for playing Aviator at 1Win includes the following steps:
⦁ go through the mirror to the official website of 1win;
⦁ click "register", select the appropriate option to open an account;
⦁ fill out the questionnaire fields, agree with the rules, click "register".
After automatic authorization, bets in Aviator for 1Win will become available.

Registration in Aviator 1win
Registration in Aviator 1vin